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Photography By: Shelby Bonczek

Alexis McNeil is an American author with four novels under her belt, the Immortal Series.  She has a passion for writing and transforming her dreams into stories.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two teen daughters where she splits her time between being a kitchen designer, a busy mother, a loving wife, and a romance writer!

Alexis McNeil was born in Bismarck, North Dakota in 1978.  The family moved to Littleton, Colorado where they enjoyed the sunshine, snow, and mountains when she was two years old.  There, she spent the next seven years riding bikes, camping in the mountains, playing with friends, and dreaming of bigger things with her sister and brothers.  Eventually, the family moved a final time out east to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she now resides.

An alum of BPHS, at twenty she attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute where she completed an Associate’s degree in Computer-Aided Drafting, while working full time as a hostess and server.  After graduating, she worked at an architect firm, the kitchen department in a lumber yard, and finally as a Kitchen Designer.  In her early 30’s she realized that writing was not something she wanted only as a hobby, that she worked on here and there, but a passion that she wanted to incorporate into her daily life.  Simply put, writing lets her soul speak.

Currently, she’s hard at work on her next novel, a paranormal romance featuring two alpha males, one with a penchant for danger and the other, a zealous male who goes after what he wants.  Both are intrigued by Scottie Jane, a complex gal who has a habit of finding trouble.

Check back often to learn more about Alexis, her English Bulldog (Meatball), and all her upcoming books!