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Immortal Series Book #3 - Immortal of Darkness

Immortal of Darkness - Excerpt by Alexis McNeil  


 Cain fell weightlessly through the wavy wormhole, drifting through time.  Half-awake, in a dream-like stupor, he let the time-traveling current move his languid body.  To achieve his destination, he visualized a middle-aged woman with long, brown hair, keen in druid magic.  Julianna also happened to be his good friend.  He craved to be immortal again.  His future depended on reversing the spell Rowena had tricked him into casting.  Rowena.  Cain gritted his teeth.  He hoped his mother had been destroyed, or else, when he turned immortal again, he’d return for the conniving witch and finish her off.  Cain grabbed the side of his ribs, grimacing.  He'd have to have Julianna look at them when he arrived.  Without warning, the wormhole vanished, leaving him to plummet into blackness.  Arms flailing, pain coursing through him, the dark night sky encompassed him. Emerging like a bullet out of the heavens, he plunged through a roof, a ceiling, a second story floor, and finally, landed onto hard ground.  As he crashed to the floor, Cain gasped out in pain.  Fighting to keep one puffy, red eye, open, he slumped against a smooth wall at his back.  He opened his right fist, sore from hitting the wall on his voyage down, and flexed his fingers.  As they opened, they brushed across a smooth wood floor.  He squinted through the darkness.  Shadows of a table with chairs and its intricate carved legs sat before him.  Making a small movement to sit up, Cain sharply inhaled through his teeth.  Being mortal sucked.  Misery consumed his entire body.  

“W-who’s there?” a feminine voice suddenly called out.  A dim light switched on over an oriental carpeted staircase to Cain's left.  “I-I have a bat," she continued to say.  "I’m not afraid to use it!”  Cain wanted to laugh.  The trembling in her voice suggested otherwise.  The last thing Cain remembered, before blacking out, were two bare legs poking out from under an oversized T-shirt, and a club raised over his head, ready to strike down.  His muscles tensed.  Eyeing the weapon with dread, he had no choice, but to accept that his human body ached.  Excruciating pain radiated through his ribs, and vulnerability filled his body for the first time in his long life.