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Immortal Series Book #1 - Immortal of My Dreams

Immortal of My Dreams - Excerpt by Alexis McNeil   

“Ye’ll freeze ta death in there.”  My head jerked up realizing Merrick stood on the bank.  His hands were on his hips with his feet braced wide apart.  He wore dark brown breeches and a cream tunic with a brown mantel around his shoulders.

“S-so, w-what do you c-care?”  I asked as my teeth chattered.  I wrapped my arms around my body under the icy water.  Merrick shrugged his shoulders.  “G-go away and I’ll g-get out.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment.  “Nay.  Ye saw me this morn in all me bare glory.  ‘Tis only fair for me ta see ye…dinna ye think?”

“Y-you s-should learn to c-close your door,” I said as a chill racked my body.  “It’s not m-my fault.”

Merrick crossed his arms and tsked.  “I can wait all day.  I dinna think ye can though.”  He sat down on the damp grass resting his arms over his bent knees staring at me with one side of his mouth curved up.

My head dipped under the water as another chill paralyzed my body.  “Ugh!”  I yelled after a few minutes.  “D-don’t think y-you’ll ever g-get another l-look again!”   

“We’ll see,” is all he said.

I sunk below the water and swam toward shore.  When my feet touched the bottom I covered my breasts and rose from the water.  My numb feet carried me over as fast as they could to where I left my clothes.  They were gone.  I shivered turning around.  Merrick’s mouth dropped open as he stared at me.  He gripped my gown and leine in his fist, which slowly lowered to his side.  I diverted my eyes from his roving gaze.  Another chill raced up my spine as Merrick slowly walked over to me.   

Merrick stood before me as I gazed up into his stormy blue eyes.  He brought his empty hand up brushing his warm knuckles down the side of my face, while his other hand wrapped around the back of my neck.  His head bent down toward mine.  His lips grazed my mouth and I whimpered in response when the warmth from his kiss began to spread through my body…