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Immortal Series Book #2 - Immortal of My Heart

Immortal of My Heart - Excerpt by Alexis McNeil  


Scotland, Castle MacRae, 1153

     The inky black clouds rumbled overhead hinting at the storm to come as the huge immortal kneeled down on the dirt covered ground.  Alexander glanced up at the shadowy afternoon sky with a smirk across his lips.  He pictured the expressions of fury trembling across the faces of the Guardians at what he was about to do.  The murky weather may be fitting for the Guardians’ moods, but Alexander felt on top of the world. He was surrounded by a throng of friends.  Some old, some new, one of them, Merrick, his best friend and fellow Immortal who at times acted more like a brother.  Out of all the thirteen Immortals, he was the only one who Alexander felt he could share his deepest secrets and fears with.  That’s why Alexander had chosen Merrick to be the one to thrust the Sword of Divinity into his chest, to help play a part in beginning his new life as a mortal.      

Alexander stared up into his friend’s gaze which stood above him and smiled his warm friendly smile displaying his dimples, the smile that always caught every lass’s attention.  Merrick leaned down close to Alexander’s ear.  “Ye found a rare lass, Alexander.  I hope ye ha’ a long mortal life filled with love and many bairns.”  Merrick grasped Alexander’s shoulder in a friendly embrace and stepped back.  Alexander gave a reassuring nod and without delay, Merrick thrust the razor sharp gold blade deep into Alexander’s heart.      

Gasps spread through the crowd, when suddenly, a path was formed and a beautiful black haired lass walked toward Alexander with the cool haughtiness of a queen.  Deirdre’s deep violet velvet dress swirled around her legs as she made her way over to Alexander.  Though, she held her head high, tears streamed down her pale cheeks from vibrant green eyes. Alexander studied her angelic face.  The tears didn’t make him doubtful she was his soul mate.  He knew this was a very emotional time for the lassies, at least, that’s what he had learned from the three Immortals that had changed before him.  By Deirdre joining him in this ceremony, she announced to all she was Alexander’s soul mate and that she belonged to him as though she was his wife.  Her chin quivered and a sob escaped her when she finally arrived in front of Alexander and kneeled down in the dirt next to him. His shirt was bloodied and he could feel the wound healing beneath.  There was only one thing left to do, for Deirdre to give him a kiss.  The kiss of life.  A kiss filled with so much love from his true soul mate, that he would become human and break the spell of immortality the Guardians had over him.      

Alexander lightly ran his fingers across Deirdre’s chin.  His forehead creased with unease as he realized she avoided his gaze.  “My love, kiss me so we can be two o’ the same.  Let’s start our life together.”      

Deirdre reluctantly glanced up into his gaze.  A sob shook her body.  “I-I—.“  She abruptly stopped and covered her hand over her mouth.  She glanced side to side at the crowd intently watching the couple’s every move.  She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a brief moment collecting herself.  She leaned forward with her chin quivering and whispered into Alexander’s ear.  “I canna do this.  I dinna love ye, Alex.  I’m so sorry, but…there’s someone else my heart belongs ta.”

     Alexander jerked back as though he was slapped.  His expression grew murderous.  His jaw clenched tightly together while his hands were in taut fists at his sides.  Afraid of what he might do to Deirdre at the moment, he leaned back on his heels.  He never hit or hurt a woman before, but he wasn’t so sure he could hold back the wrath raging inside him now.  He swallowed and paused a moment trying to control his anger.   “Ye should ha’ told me sooner, dinna ye think?” he said through clenched teeth.  He stared down at the ground as hate toward the woman he thought he loved more than anything consumed him.  Only moments before, he was ready to be human, start a life with his lovely bride to be.  She made a move to touch him on his sleeve making herself the target of his deadly glare.  “Get out o’ me sight,” Alexander growled.  “Dinna ever come near me again.”      

Deirdre jumped as a loud rumble of thunder pierced the sky and she abruptly stood.  She took a step toward the silent crowd and stopped.  After glancing at the faces in the crowd full of hate and loathing for her, she looked back over her shoulder at Alexander.  “I’m sorry.  I hope ye can forgive me someday,” she barely whispered.

Alexander peered up into her face.  “Then ye’ll be hoping for the rest o’ yer life,” he said as calm as he could.  “My feelings for ye…for everyone, ha’ died here today.  We can all thank one deceitful spoiled princess for it.”  She let out a cry and hastily pushed her way through the crowd running toward the privacy of her father’s castle as a new round of tears made rivers down her perfect face.  

Merrick knelt down next to Alexander.  “What’s happened?”      

“Why dinna ye ask the lying whore that just ran off!” Alexander bit off.  “Ye’re right Merrick, I did find a rare lass.  She looks like an angel, yet the verra devil resides in her black heart!”  Alexander pushed Merrick’s hand away and stood up knowing his wound had completely healed.  He was immortal once again…and for all time now.   The silence was deafening to his ears.  The stares, the looks of pity, what a fool he was.  To think his soul mate actually existed.  To think he could escape the hell he called his existence.  He shouldered his way through the crowd making his way toward the stable and his trusty horse.  Never again would he make this mistake, he thought bitterly.  The Guardians would never give him another chance to be mortal anyway.  The Guardians only gave an Immortal one opportunity in becoming human and the beautiful bitch just stole that away from him.        

As he reached his huge black war horse, he vowed he’d never fall for a woman’s charms again.  He’d use them for his own pleasures, but he’d never give his heart to another.  The chance at the life he once dreamt of was over.  Now it would be endless days of war, fighting, and the Guardians’ orders.  He was now the Guardians’ slave for eternity.   

His fate was sealed….