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Immortal Series Book #4 - Immortal Warrior

Immortal Warrior - Excerpt by Alexis McNeil  

Maggie let out a long sigh before turning over the engine.  Glancing in the rear-view mirror, she shook out her ponytail.  Running her fingers through her dusty hair, she couldn’t help think about the surreal night.  What the hell was a naked man doing down there?  And in a secret cell in a cave?  Every excuse she could think of still didn’t add up.  She rubbed her hands over her now exhausted eyes.  “What the hell,” she mumbled.  This night had been way too close.

She put her foot on the gas and roared down the dirt road toward the main “A” road.  She wanted nothing more than to get home, take a long, hot bath, have a beer, and roll into bed.  A yawn escaped as she bounced over the bumps at a roaring speed.  She didn’t see the blur in the middle of the road until it was too late.  Instinctively, Maggie slammed on the brakes.  A huge thud rocked her automobile, like she had hit a brick wall.  She banged her head off the steering wheel.  Hard.

After a few moments, Maggie groaned, lifting her aching head.  Feeling her brow, she instantly cringed as her fingers glided over the already egg-sized bump above her right eye.  Then, it dawned on her that she had hit something.

Maggie moaned as she fumbled to release her seatbelt.  As fast as she could, in her un-balanced, post-accident haze, she pushed the door open, thinking she would find one of the surrounding areas’ sheep dead in the road.  Unsteadily, and faltering to the ground twice, she staggered to the front of her vehicle.  “Oh, no,” she barely whispered as she dropped down to her knees, her legs finally giving out.

A very naked man lay on his side before her in the headlights of her vehicle.  Rubbing her hands warily over her face, she tried to think of any rational thought over the pounding in her skull.  She couldn’t go to the police, especially after the fiasco back at the dig site.  They’d ask what she was doing romping around the back roads in the middle of the night.   And somehow, it would be put together that she had come from the cave along with the already naked man they searched for.  It was a mess.  A shit-storm to be exact.  She should have trusted her gut feeling and never left the house.  Mentally and physically exhausted, she brought her gaze over to the still form in the headlights.  “I’ll just have to bury him,” she mumbled, rubbing the ever growing bump on her forehead.

A man’s muffled groan filled the quiet night.