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Immortal Series Book #4 - Immortal Warrior

Immortal Warrior - Excerpt by Alexis McNeil  

Grampian Mountains, Scotland

Quartz Cavern “A” Dig Site

Present Day, 2:40 A.M.

Maggie carefully blew across the small dust covered dagger that lay before her on the cold, gray stone.  Kneeling, she took a small brush, which sat off to the side of the relic, and lightly stroked the fine bristles over the historical object, freeing it from its ancient home.  The gold snake head at the hilt of the dagger was in remarkable shape with exquisite detail.  The beautiful blue topaz eyes on the snake glimmered from the glare of her mag-lite.  Her infrared tool hadn’t failed her yet.

Maggie glanced over her shoulder, making sure she was still alone.  A shiver passed through her as she stared out into the blackness behind her that lie in wait for her flashlight to go out, waiting to get its dark tentacles around her.  She looked back at the dagger.  Quickly, she wrapped the ancient find in an old raggedy t-shirt and stuffed the new possession tightly into the breast of her dark green military style jacket.  One never knew when security would “pop-in”, not that there was much of that at this dig-site.  The small privately sponsored digs never had enough money for top-notch security.

Maggie replaced the dirt and rocks from where she took the knife from and rubbed over it with her feet, shuffling across the area, patting down the earth.  It wasn’t too hard to cover her tracks in dig-sites.  Shining the light over her quick work, satisfied with the results, she began her way out the long tunnel.  A smile curved her mouth.  Eric would probably give her a hefty penny for her find.  Her brow furrowed.  He specifically mentioned a chalice, but she had been looking for said chalice for three months and still no hint of it.  She shook her head.  He’d be happy with this, and if he wasn’t, well, she’d go to one of her other buyers.

Her breath kept steady as she made the incline to the last half of the tunnel which led to the fresh night air.  She was only 5’4”, but in good shape, and muscular.  She had to be in her line of work.  Never knowing when one would have to run for their life.  She lightly snorted.  As if her job was categorized as a “real” profession.

Nearing the last forty feet before she came to the slight bend in the tunnel which led to the entryway, she flicked her light off and paused, letting her eyes acclimate to the darkness.  Slowly, the different shades of black became visible.  Soundlessly, she padded to the entry, pausing and listening for any sign that security was waiting for her.  She poked her head around the corner.  The two rented security cops were in an unmarked CROWN VIC about fifty yards away.  The glow of a small screen lit up their faces.  Maggie lightly shook her head.  That’s why her job was easy most of the time…security at these things never took their jobs seriously.  The one man with a bald head held up a small bag of chips to his mouth and emptied the rest down his throat, shaking crumbs and all.

Maggie’s stomach rumbled.  She hadn’t eaten dinner before she left.  There had been planning, waiting, and strategizing, plus, parking her car about a mile away.  She crept around the edge of the doorway and slowly crept along the wall of the mountain face, heading to a large area of tall grass and brush.  With one glance back at the eerily lit car, she disappeared into the grass and night.

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